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LifeTown will redefine the social landscape with its recreational, therapeutic, educational and leadership training facilities, the first of its kind in the region, catering to the needs of all children, teens and adults. LifeTown programs will empower people to fulfill their individual potentials.

The inclusive setting will host all Friendship Circle

people to fulfill their
individual potentials

programs and help bring families out of isolation, into greater involvement in the general community. The unique inclusionary setting will engage “mainstream” and those with special needs in a thoroughly enriching and entertaining environment. While catering to each individual’s needs, LifeTown will focus on creating a sense of belonging for all its members.

LifeTown’s exciting focal point will be its 12,000 sq. foot Life Village in which children and young adults role-play in a real-life town-square to develop common independence in a safe environment. It will help prepare people with special needs for independent living. LifeTown’s setting will expand our volunteer base to include hundreds of adults and college students.

LifeTown is modeled after the center of the same name in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The curriculum is being developed by leading educational experts to accommodate the specific needs of all different age groups and varying abilities of children.

LifeTown programs will expand on the Friendship Circle’s current focus on Judaic programming. The center and programs will be open to children, families and schools of all backgrounds.

LifeTown will also host Living Legacy programs, which continues to bring fresh excitement to Jewish learning, and involve parents and families in the educational process. They allow participants to experience the joy of festivals and the beauty of Jewish traditions.





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